Panax sp. in Tuyen Quang, North Vietnam – A Potential Plant for Poverty Reduction

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Trinh Ngoc Bon
Pham Quang Tuyen
Hoang Thanh Son
Nguyen Thi Hoai Anh
Bui Thanh Tan
Nguyen Thanh Son
Nguyen Quang Hung
Nguyen Thi Van Anh
Tran Van Do


Ginsengs are perennial forest herbs, belonging to genus Panax L. A species of ginseng was found in Tuyen Quang province, North Vietnam and named as Panax sp. – Tuyen Quang ginseng. Understanding the ecology, morphology, and saponin of Tuyen Quang ginseng becomes important for development, which can contribute to poverty reduction in the province. Field survey was conducted for ecology and samples were collected for morphology description, anatomy, and saponin analysis. The results indicated Tuyen Quang ginseng distributed in evergreen broadleaved forests in elevation of 980-1,200 m above sea level. It grows in forests with canopy cover of >50% and low vegetation cover of >80%. The soil is acidic with pH of 4.5-5. Morphology indicated some differences of Tuyen Quang ginseng with other described ginsengs in Vietnam. Saponin content of Tuyen Quang ginseng was 13.7%, which is much higher than that of Panax stipulealatus (7.1%) and Panax bipinnatifidus (7.5%), two widely planted and marketed ginsengs in Vietnam. In addition, current price of Tuyen Quang ginseng is up to 2,600 US$/1 kg. It is concluded that Tuyen Quang ginseng could be considered as a potential forest herb for poverty reduction. However, study on growing techniques should be conducted before practical application.

Ethnic community, Panax sp., poverty reduction, saponin, Tuyen Quang

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Bon, T., Tuyen, P., Son, H., Anh, N., Tan, B., Son, N., Hung, N., Van Anh, N., & Do, T. (2019). Panax sp. in Tuyen Quang, North Vietnam – A Potential Plant for Poverty Reduction. Asian Journal of Research in Botany, 2(2), 1-10. Retrieved from
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