Effect of Vermicompost and Plant Vitalizer on Growth and Yield of Red Cabbage (Brassica oleraceae L. varcapitata)

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Manna Salwa
Abul Hasnat M Solaiman
Md. Ehsanul Haq
Md. Delwar Hossain
Aisha Siddika
Tanzina Baby
Easheta Akther
Oisharja Halder


The experiment was conducted during October 2017 to February 2018 in the Horticultural farm of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207. The experiment consisted of two factors: Factor A: Vermicompost (3 levels) as- Vr0: No vermicompost (control condition); Vr1: 4 ton vermicompost/ha, Vr2: 8 ton vermicompost/ha; and Factor B: Plant vitalizer (4 levels) as- Vi0: No vitalizer (control condition), Vi1: 2 ml vitalizer/L water,Vi2: 4 ml vitalizer/L water and Vi3: 6 ml vitalizer/L water. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replications. Different levels of vermicompost and plant vitalizer influenced significantly on most of the recorded parameters. In case of different levels of vermicompost, the highest marketable yield (52.30 t/ha) was observed from Vr2 treatment, while the lowest (38.47 t/ha) from Vr0 treatment. For different levels of plant vitalizer, the highest marketable yield (51.62 t/ha) was found from Vi3, whereas the lowest (39.62 t/ha) from Vi0 treatment. The highest marketable yield (33.83 t/ha) was observed from Vr2Vi3, while the lowest (58.77 t/ha) from Vr0Vi0 treatment combination. The highest benefit cost ratio (2.64) was found from Vr2Vi3 and the lowest (1.67) was obtained from Vr0Vi0. So, combination of 8 ton vermicompost/ha and foliar application of 6 ml vitalizer/l water canbe used for red cabbage cultivation.

Cabbage, plant vitalizer, vermicompost & yield.

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Salwa, M., M Solaiman, A. H., Ehsanul Haq, M., Hossain, M. D., Siddika, A., Baby, T., Akther, E., & Halder, O. (2019). Effect of Vermicompost and Plant Vitalizer on Growth and Yield of Red Cabbage (Brassica oleraceae L. varcapitata). Asian Journal of Research in Botany, 2(4), 1-15. Retrieved from http://journalajrib.com/index.php/AJRIB/article/view/30079
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