2020 - Volume 3 [Issue 2]

Short communication

Phytochemical Analysis of Oregano majorana L. by Using FTIR Spectroscopic Technique

Muhammad Aslam Tahir, Muhammad S. A. Abbasi, Sidra Meer

Page: 224-229

Herbal Ecological Study of Aloe vera barbadensis Leaf

Muhammad S. A. Abbasi, Muhammad Aslam Tahir

Page: 279-282

Minireview Article

Original Research Article

Membrane Injury Index and Yield Performance of Maize under Non-irrigated Water Stress

U. K. Ray, S. Sikder, M. M. Bahadur, S. K. Pramanik, M. S. Reja

Page: 283-291

Influence of Foliar Application with Some Natural Extracts and Nutrients Compounds on Nutritional Status of Washington Navel Orange Transplants

M. N. A. Al- Sabbagh, H. E. M. El- Badawy, M. H. M. Baiea, S. F. El- Gioushy

Page: 323-337

Effect of Aqueous Extract of Grass Weeds on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Vegetable Crops

M. A. Awal, A. K. M. A. Ahsan, M. H. R. Pramanik

Page: 198-207

Thermal Unit Requirement and Grain Yield of Wheat under Non-Irrigated Dry Warmer Condition

S. K. Pramanik, S. Sikder

Page: 241-250

Leaf Anatomical Evaluation of Some Minor Legumes and Their Correlated Genetic Implications

J. O. Agbolade, T. P. Olakunle, E. O. Obiremi, T. Busari, J. A. Idowu, A. I. Isiaka, A. D. Aasa-Sadique

Page: 218-223

Screening of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Genotypes for Adaptability in the Western Highlands of Cameroon

E. T. Tchio, S. S. Meka, D. K. Njualem

Page: 338-349

A Multi-perspective Recreational Wetland Ecological Study of Controlled Down-stream Water Channel

M. S. A. Abbasi, R. C. Ronak, P. M. Etaware, M. A. Tahir

Page: 292-297

Semi-synthetic Color Reaction Chemistry of Furan Ring Anellated Flavonoids

Muhammad S. A. Abbasi, Muhammad Aslam Tahir

Page: 251-255

Ecological and Phytochemical Significance of Croton bonplandianum (Bail)

Muhammad S. A. Abbasi, Muhammad Aslam Tahir

Page: 266-272

Source-sink Potential of Maize Inbreds Grown under Rainfed Condition in Bangladesh

D. Devnath, M. Hasanuzzaman, S. Jui, M. A. K. Azad, N. Dahal

Page: 230-240

Assessment of Hematological and Serum Electrolyte of Albino Rats Administered with Graded Concentrations of Ethanol Extract of Ficus capensis

K. O. Igwe, C. O. Ujowundu, S. C. Chukwudoruo, U. K. Obasi

Page: 306-314

Mistletoe Species Richness and Rate of Infestation on the Tree Species in the Campus of Adamawa State University, Mubi, Nigeria

T. D. Tizhe, C. S. Yusuf, D. Timon, N. N. Zakawa, M. Gaman

Page: 273-278

Optimizing Potato (Solanum tuberosum), Plant Transplantation through Micropropogation

Bathie Sarr, Mame Arame Fall Ndiaye, Tahir Abdoulaye Diop

Page: 315-322

Soil-Woody Plant Relationship in Oban Forest Reserve, Akamkpa, Cross River State, Nigeria

Essien, Imedimfon I., Ogbemudia, Felix O., Ezekiel, Anietie G.

Page: 360-374

Ten Year Progression of Musa Breeding from 1987 to 1997: 1. Pollination Success and Seed Production (Fecundity) Patterns among Multiple Ploidy Crosses

Wilson, V., Tenkouano, A., Wilson G. F., Swennen, R., Vuylsteke D., Ortiz R., Crouch, J. H. H., Crouch, H. K., Gauhl, F., Pasberg-Gauhl, C., Austin P. D.

Page: 375-389

Study on the Survival Condition of Black Rot (Corticium theae) Disease of Tea in Different Habitant

S. K. Singha, I. Ahmad, R. Uddin, M. S. Islam

Page: 390-397

Studies on Chemical Properties of Three Utilized Agrowastes in Nigeria

S. S. Agbagwa, E. C. Chuku, W. C. Worlu

Page: 398-402

Savannas Highlands of Cameroon: Floristic Composition, Functional Traits and Conservation Status

Wouokoue Taffo Junior Baudoin, Avana Tientcheu Marie Louise, Froumsia Moksia, Hamawa Yougouda, Christiana Ngyete Nyikob Mbogue, Nguetsop Victor Francois, Fonkou Theophile

Page: 403-421

Effect of Different Substrates on the Nutritional Composition of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm. (Oyster Mushroom)

T. S. Ewekeye, F. A. Abdulsalam, A. A. Sanni, A. Fadiora, O. A. Oke

Page: 422-427

Allelopathic Effect of Neem (Azadirachta indica) Leaf Extracts on Germination and Seedling Growth of Some Vegetable Crops

Habiba Khanam, Md. Shazadur Rahman, Md. Jahidul Islam, Rubeca Fancy, Md. Belal Hosain, Rumnaz Shamima Nasrin Rima

Page: 435-443

Variations of the Functional Leaf Traits in Some Agroforestry Woody Species of the Sudano-guinea Savannahs of Ngaoundere, Adamawa Cameroon: Effects of Plant Taxonomy, Life Forms, Habits and Habitats

Maigari Pale, . Tchobsala, Massai Tchima Jacob, Babe Ndara Gregoire, Bitjoka Laurent, Ibrahima Adamou

Page: 444-459

Proximate Nutrient Potential, Phytochemical Screening and Vitamin B-Composition of Pleurotus ostreatus Cultivated by Substrate Organic Supplementation Techniques

Okoroh Prince, Amadi Benjamin, Nwadike Constance, Ezekwe Ahamefula, Onuoha Nchekwube, Onyeabo Chimaraoke, Eboagwu Ijeoma, Kalu Winner

Page: 460-468

Review Article

Survey and Identification of Toxic Plants in the Region of Osfan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

H. M. Alrawili, N. Alrehaili, M. S. Aloufi, M. Tobaiqy, T. M. Al-Shaikh, E. A. Alsherif

Page: 208-217

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