2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Original Research Article

Screening For Lignocellulolytic Enzymes-producing White Rot Fungi

Samuel Adedayo Fasiku, Sherifah Monilola Wakil , Olaoluwa Kehinde Alao

Page: 64-70

Impact of Light Wavelengths on Photosynthetic Rates in Spinach

Owen R. Thornton, Cynthia Tran , Wenjun Li

Page: 71-76

In vivo and In vitro Initiatives for the Examination of Pharmacological Properties of Brassaiopsis hainla Leaves

Shafiul Azam Zishan , Md. Maien Uddin , Mahathir Mohammad , Mohammad Eshmam Uddin , S. M. Asadul Karim Azad , Jannatul Naima , Sadab Sipar Ibban

Page: 15-28

Implementation of Parkinsonia aculeata in Phytoremedation of Crude Oil Contaminated soil in Sudanese Environment

Amel Hassan Abdallah , Adil Ali Elhussein , Dafaalla Ali Ibrahim

Page: 77- 84

Flora, Density and Efficiency of Weed Affected Sugarcane Controlled by Chemical Herbicides

I. E. Abu Alama, S. O. Yagoub, M. Abdelhalim, M. A. Hadad

Page: 37-45

Review Article

Impact of Plant Allelochemicals on Soil Properties: A Review

Chandan Das

Page: 29-36

Review of the Phytochemistry, Ethno-medicinal, and Pharmacological Properties of Ageratum conyzoides L. (Billygoat Weed)

Oluwasayo Esther Ogunjinmi, Olumayowa Vincent Oriyomi , Peter Ifeoluwa Adegbola , Adewale Adetutu

Page: 46-63

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