Herbal Ecological Study of Aloe vera barbadensis Leaf

Muhammad S. A. Abbasi, Muhammad Aslam Tahir

Page: 1-4
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Membrane Injury Index and Yield Performance of Maize under Non-irrigated Water Stress

U. K. Ray, S. Sikder, M. M. Bahadur, S. K. Pramanik, M. S. Reja

Page: 5-13
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A Multi-perspective Recreational Wetland Ecological Study of Controlled Down-stream Water Channel

M. S. A. Abbasi, R. C. Ronak, P. M. Etaware, M. A. Tahir

Page: 14-19
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Ethnomedicinal Survey of Plant Species Traded for Medicinal Purposes in Kaduna, Nigeria and Their Conservation Status

A. Wilson Jayeoba, O. Samuel Bamigboye

Page: 20-27
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Assessment of Hematological and Serum Electrolyte of Albino Rats Administered with Graded Concentrations of Ethanol Extract of Ficus capensis

K. O. Igwe, C. O. Ujowundu, S. C. Chukwudoruo, U. K. Obasi

Page: 28-36
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